CEE Capital Partners

We focus on the Balkan to Black Sea region.

Advisory Services: we provide advisory services and execution capabilities in M&A, corporate finance and debt (re)structuring. Our expertise combines more than 30 years of experience and encompasses financial, corporate and sovereign clients..

We currently focus on:

  • Advising companies to restructure their liability portfolios and to optimize their capital structure in order to avoid entering a distressed situation.
  • Executing a sell-side and a buy-side M&A mandate.

Private Equity: we focus on small and medium size caps with Civil Society compatible activities. We target Value acquisition opportunities including through debt-for-equity swaps. We turn-around companies by:

  • Designing sound market economy visions and strategies.
  • Putting in place a management team with industry experience and proven track records.
  • Extracting optimal employee collaboration through soft HR and psychological techniques

Corporate Restructuring:  we focus on companies who have encountered financial and operational difficulties that could lead to their demise and provide a hands-on restructuring approach to avoid a total shutdown by reducing the level and severity of financial losses and providing a peaceful resolution to a stressed condition.

We turn around companies by:

  • Radically changing a company's organizational, financial and operating structure to permanently and swiftly address serious financial and operational issues that could lead to a corporation's shutdown or liquidation.
  • Conducting an in-depth reorganization for the primary purpose of returning a company  to profitability and productivity.
  • Implementing the agreed restructuring strategy across the company ensuring optimal contractual relationships with debt holders and creditors, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.

CEE Capital Partners is uniquely positioned in Serbia: We have through our professional experiences and personal networks a competitive advantage in terms of information access as well as mastery of the social and legal environments..

We benefit from a dual western and emerging Europe education and professional experience.


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